Verify Customers. Verify Livelihood. Stop Fraud.



BioMatch uses advances in AI technology to provide facial matching

Add an additional layer of security with BioMatch.

BioMatch takes a short video rather than a single photo to match your customer's identity. This is then split into a number of individual frames which are then matched against one another. The customer is asked to blink to prove liveness.

This additional verification measure provides an extra level of security and assurance that the customer is who they say they are.

Real-time facial recognition & liveness checks

Secure, fast & user friendly solution

Automated & real-time decision engine

Multi-factor authentication built to scale

How It Works

All you need is an ID, a selfie and a device to verify your identity.

  1. Enroll your database of users who need access to your premises and set their access levels
  2. When their approach the camera compares their face with the known faces in the database
  3. If there is a match, the door unlocks.
  4. A photographic record is stored in the access log for future examination