What Is Device Fingerprinting And How Does It Work?

Maximize conversions and prevent fraud from login to checkout


Marketing Fraud

Fingerprint every incoming visitor and block fraudsters and Malicious bots from wasting your marketing budget. It is easy to pose as a certain device or a visitor from a certain location, but very hard to trick Device Fingerprint.

Content Fraud

Block malicious bots and fraudsters from ruining your community. Spammers and scammers have no problems using different credential to their ends, but find it hard to change devices to perform their wrongdoings.

Account Fraud

Fingerprinting will stop fraudsters from creating new accounts and combination of our device fingerprint and antifraud systems will safeguard your quality users from takeovers.

Fraud Management

IPRisk browser fingerprint will save tons of time on manual reviews. You can concentrate your time and energy on building your product instead of fighting fraud on your own.


It is relatively easy to use fake email addresses, cookies or User agents to commit a wide variety of fraudulent actions. The question is whether fraudsters change their equipment. Although the answer may be “yes?, changing equipment is quite troublesome and costly, so scammers resort to it in extremely rare cases.

IPRisk scans every device and grabs an enormous amount of parameters, inluding an operating system, browser and its version, installed plug-ins, screen resolution, platform, IP address, and many others. Using the combination of these parameters, our system generates a permanent user ID. This ID can then be used to detect same machines even, if they try to hide their identity.


To start using our system you need to sign up and integrate our tracking code on your website. Once this is done we will start gathering information about your visitors. We will provide a free analysis of ten thousand users and help you to set up an effective fraud prevention solution.